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TrickleStar 12-Outlet Tier I Advanced Power Strip

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This advanced power strip helps save energy by automatically removing power from selected outlets when the master outlet is not in use. This 12-outlet model offers 3 always-on outlets for devices that you do not want turning off automatically, 1 master outlet, and 8 controlled outlets that are controlled by the master outlet.

  • Reduces energy waste to save money
  • Prolongs the life of electronics
  • Offers 252,000 Amps / 4320 Joules premium fireproof surge protection
  • Ideal for computer and TV setups
  • 4-foot heavy-duty power cord with angled space saver plug
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Product Features

Helps Lower Your Electric Bill

This TrickleStar Advanced Power Strip reduces the amount of standby power electronics waste to save you energy and money. Standby power is the energy devices continue to draw when they are plugged in, but turned off.

Protects Your Electronics

This power strip not only helps save you money but also offers surge protection and prolongs the life of your electronics.

About the 12 Outlets

This 12 outlet model offers:

  • 3 always-on outlets for devices that you do not want turning off automatically
  • 1 master outlet
  • 8 controlled outlets that are controlled by the master outlet

12 outlet advanced power strip outlet details

How it Works

How TrickleStar Advanced Power Strip Works


An advanced power strip works on a simple control/switched basis.

When the TV or PC is plugged into the control outlet and turned on, the switched outlets will turn on and electronics plugged into them can be used.

When the TV or PC is turned off, the electronics plugged into the switched outlets turn off.

7 outlet model shown here

Download Instruction Guide

More Information

Limit Category advanced power strip
Measure Category advanced power strip tier I
Manufacturer Model 180SS-US-12CT
Current Sensing Yes
Infrared Sensing No
Motion Sensing No
Total Outlets 12
APS Category Tier 1
Surge Protection 288,000 amps
Annual Savings (kWh) 72
Lifetime Savings (Dollars) 26.13
Lifetime Savings (kWh) 216
Annual Savings (Dollars) 8.71


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