Niagara 1.5 gpm Swivel Pause Aerator

Niagara 1.5 gpm Swivel Pause Aerator

Evolve Tub Spout with built in showerstart TSV

Evolve Tub Spout with Showerhead & Showerstart TSV

Niagara 1.5 gpm Swivel Aerator

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This 1.5 gpm aerator offers a 360 degree swivel that lets you direct water to where it is needed, improving your washing and rinsing efficiency. It has two spray options - 1) a wide, full-force, multiple-stream spray, and 2) a splash-free bubble stream.

  • Incorporates air into your water stream, effortlessly reducing water consumption without affecting pressure
  • Boosts water pressure for better rinsing action
  • Dual threaded to fit most male and female faucets
  • Easy install - just screw onto your existing faucet
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Manufacturer Niagara
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